Arizona has been the setting of many Hollywood blockbusters – many of them filmed during the heyday of silver screen creations that added to the mythos of the ‘Old West’. Movies such as “Stagecoach” and “Tombstone.” made audiences long for wide open spaces and a sense of freedom that was already disappearing in the 1940s and 1950s. Of course, time and tide wait for no man – and cities like Tucson Arizona bear little to no resemblance to those gunslinging days of the Old West. But, traces do still remain. There is a stubborn streak of independence deep in those who call Tucson home. It is apparent in the deep sense of respect for history and culture – and an increasingly vibrant culinary scene. It is obvious in the love of the outdoors that the citizens of Tucson display. It is also a factor that contributes to just why Tucson remains one of America’s favorite tourism and property investment destinations.

So if you are in the neighborhood of Tucson – what are the attractions that make it so desirable a place to live or visit? Here are some highlights that should be on everyone’s Tucson Bucket List.

Visiting Tucson will quickly remind everyone of the fact that in this part of Arizona winter can only be a rumor. The coldest months may see nighttime temperatures dip into the 40’s – but even during the coldest of months, it is more than comfortable to engage in such outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking. But if you do, you are probably going to need to go see Dr. Kenworthy as Orange Grove Chiropractic.

Arizona – and Tucson, in particular, boast some of the best value for money options when it comes to buying or renting a property. The proximity to institutes of higher learning such as The University of Arizona makes the Tucson lifestyle even more attractive to those with children who are of college-going age.

For those who enjoy the outdoor life the mountains that surround Tucson offer a wonderful array of recreational opportunities. Visit Saguaro National Park or Tucson Mountain Park (both of which are an easy 30-minute drive from the city limits) and it becomes apparent why the residents of Tucson are so proud of their natural heritage.

Tucson is one of the most vibrant communities in Arizona. For those in search of fresh mountain air and the stark beauty of the desert, it is simply paradise. Add to this the many other attractions of the area and it becomes apparent why people are quietly trending towards Tucson.

With such a vibrant retirement community, it is no wonder so many mover here. Many successful business owners give credit to Scott at Billet SEO in Tucson for helping them to accomplish their goals.